E8 Solar - Single Swing Gate Opener

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About our E8 gate opener

The E8 single gate opener suits gates up to 4mtrs long weighing a maximum of 250kgs on the swing. The actuator arm is constructed out of a high grade 439 stainless steel with no maintenance required and utilises a worm driven motor.

It's recommended that the gate has a physical stop in the open and closed positions allowing the gate opener to perform its self learning setup but also giving the gate a secure and firm hold. Provided in the kit is a powerful 20watt solar panel and a 12volt 12ah battery. The solar panel only requires 4 hours of full sun to have the battery fully recharged, remembering the best position to face the solar panel is full north.

The standard kit is supplied with mounting brackets to suit a flat surface eg. square post or square gate frame. Round gate brackets and round post brackets are available to suit tubular framed gates (farm gates) and round post.

The gate opener has an auto close function which can be set for 30, 60 or 120 seconds as well as an inbuilt obstruction sensor feature.

Its not recommended for use on gates that are fully enclosed such as, slats , colourbond panels etc.

The E8 gate openers are very versatile and can either push or pull the gate and can be mounted on the inside or outside of the property (keeping in mind land fall, live stock etc).

Kit Inclusions

  • 1 x Stainless steel actuator arm
  • 1 x Outdoor Control Box
  • 1 x 20W solar panel with 10m of cable and mounting bracket
  • 3 x Remotes with Receiver
  • 1 x 12v 12ah Rechargeable Battery
  • 1 x Rubber Gate Stop
  • 1 x Push Button
  • 1 x Caution Sign
  • 1 x Lengths of PVC electrical wire protector pipe
  • Installation manual and guide template
  • 12 months warranty (back to base)
  • Full after sales customer service
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Kit Prices

Please note that opening size means inside post to post measurement (not actual gate size)


Actuator Placement on gate

Gates up to 3.6mtrs in length can have the actuator arm mounted to the bottom of the gate frame, however when your gate goes over this length you must have it mounted on a middle bar on the gate (as shown in picture)

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Pre-wire $45

Selecting this option will reduce your setup time by up to 40% with easy to follow example wires which we also power up and test before leaving the work shop.  Have peace of mind that the system is wired correctly, tested and ready to be installed.

  • Complete wire up of receiver to control board
  • Push button (if required) connector wired into control board with example wires for push button
  • Example wires connected to regulator terminals for the solar panel (showing correct wire colours)
  • Battery cables connected to regulator
  • Example wires connected to actuator terminals on control board (showing correct wire colours) and allowing for correct push or pull on the gate

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