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GSM Module - Automatic Gate Openers


3G GSM Module gate opener
4G GSM Module gate opener

BMGI's 4G GSM Module is a powerful remote relay controller, a very simple device that can be used for controlling automatic gate openers.


  • Quad-band (device supports 4 different frequencies), can work in the worldwide GSM Networks
  • No call charges, the 4G GSM GPRS relay switch rejects the call from authorised number then carries out the turn ON/OFF action on the first ring
  • Multiple applications
  • Secure - using caller-ID for identification and unknown callers are ignored (will not work if 'Caller ID' is switched off on your phone)
  • Can be operated from anywhere, no distance limit
  • Add or remove users by SMS text command
  • No need to provide a remote control or keys for different users
  • Up to 200 authorised phone numbers can be configured at the specified time
  • One output with relay rating 3A/240VAC for connecting the switch
  • The relay action will return a SMS confirmation to the owner or authorised call in number, this function is editable by user
  • The relay close or open time is programmable
  • Multiple applications
  • Smart phone APP for configuration available 



GSM Frequency Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHZ
Digital Output NC/NO dry contact, 3A/240VAC
DC Power Supply 9~24VDC/2A
Power Consumption 12V input Max. 50mA/Average 25mA
 SIM Card Supports 3G SIM Card (standard size)
 Antenna  50Ω SMA Antenna interface
 Temperature range  -20~+60°C
 Humidity range Relative humidity 90%
 Exterior Dimension W102mm*D76mm*H27mm
 Net Weight 80g

Kit Inclusions

  • Gate Module
  • 1 x antenna with magnetic bottom & 2.9mtrs cable
  • 1 x user manual
  • 30cm telecom cable


Installation and Settings

  1. Ensure you have a registered sim card standard size.  It must be activated.
  2. Ensure your mobile number is not set to private or caller ID OFF as the unit won’t recognise the caller.
  3. Using your smart phone, scan the QR code located on the box that the gsm module was supplied in.  You may need to download a QR code scanner from the app store.
  4. Download the Gate Opener app.
  5. Insert activated sim card into the GSM module by removing screw holding down the black cap on the bottom of the gsm module.
  6. Secure antenna to GSM module.
  7. Power up GSM unit & connect trigger cables to the gate opener as per wiring shown
  8. Left red LED should start to flash, wait for the LED to flash slowly.
  9. Open Gate Opener app
  10. Click “Add Device”
  11. Create device name - e.g. Front Gate
  12. Enter in mobile number of sim card
  13. Enter 4 digit code 1234 and press ‘save’
  14. Text message screen will open with your 4 digit code & mobile number of sim card e.g. 1234 TEL 0400 000 000#  Now send this message to the GSM module to save your 4 digit code
  15. Open app, swipe from right to left to see second page.
  16. Click ‘Authorized Numbers’
  17. Tel SN - Store number to match agaits mobile number - Tel No. enter phont number e.g. Tel SN - 001, Tel No - 0400 000 000
  18. Click ‘Yes’ for alwasy can dial to control, click ‘Done’
  19. Click Green tick - Text message will appear e.g. 1234A001#0400000000 - send message - Repeat step 18 to add more numbers.  Once finished press ‘Back’
  20. To turn text message replies off to save phone credit - go to Relay ON/OFF SMS Alert.  Press Green Tick next to ‘Not Send SMS’ for Relay Close (on) and a text message will appear 1234GON## then send messag.  Repeat for Relay Open (off) message will appear 1234GOFF## and then send text message.  Now you you will not receive any text messages.  You can set just one if you prefer to receiver a text message for either On or Closed.
  21. Change password - modify password.  Enter 4 digit cole - press green tick.  Text message appears 1234P (new code)
  22. Call GSM Module to test unit.

Reset Instructions

Power the unit up then press and hold the reset button (located next to the SIM card). The relay light will start flashing, then release the reset button and power the unit down, then power the unit back up.  Password has now been reset.

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