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About our AC LW550 gate opener

electric gate opener electric gate opener

The LW550 gate opener suits gates up to 8mtrs long and weighing a maximum of 800kgs.

Our electric gate opener is heavy-duty, robust and designed for large residential gates.

The gate opener has a built-in controller, receiver and emergency key release. Its power supply is 220v - 240v with a power rating of 550watt.

The gate opener is one of the safest on the market with its Anti Crush function that enables the gate to stop on impact and reverse to its original position.

The Auto close function has a time range of 0-120 seconds that is adjustable along with the openers Torque.


The video below demonstrates the LW550 gate opener on a
6mtr gate opening in 30sec with a 260mm fall over the driveway

Price $465 Now $415

gate opener electric slide gate opener

Kit Inclusions

  • 1 x Sliding Gate Motor
  • 1 x Base plate
  • 2 x Release Key
  • 4m Nylon racking
  • 3 x Remotes - up to 30mtr range
  • Installation Manual
  • 12 Months Warranty
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  • Max gate size: 8mtrs each
  • Max gate weight: 800kgs each
  • Remotes 433mhz
  • Speed: 12mtr/min
  • Motor: 550watts
  • Magnetic limits


  • 240 volt robust motor
  • Auto close up to 120 seconds
  • Emergency release keys
  • Inbuilt obstruction sensor feature
  • Suitable for gradients
gate opener

Slide gate setup

The sliding gate set up, shows you the extra 100mm over hang at each end of the gate behind the posts plus the tails for the motor and guide bracket. The racking on the bottom of the gate needs to run the whole length of the bottom rail. Your wheels usually sit up inside the bottom 100x50 rail for a minimal gap under the gate.

Slider Kit $200

8mtrs 16mm aluminium track, 1 x gate catcher, 1 x gate stop, 1 x guide & rollers, 2 x 16mm wheels

slider kit

The slide kit will get your gate sliding, opening and closing manually!

Our aluminium track is strong and robust, suited for cars and trucks driving across and must be attached to concrete only.

  • Track is 16mm - available in 2mtr and 6mtr lengths
  • Wheels are 16mm x 100mm diameter, zinc finished and rated approximately for 250kgs per wheel
  • Guide and rollers are powder coated black finish, rollers are 40mm x 60mm deep
  • Gate catcher suits 50mm frames

This kit is suited to a 4mtr gate (8mtrs track) if your gate is longer than this please make sure to add the extra track required $15/mtr.

If your gate has timber pickets or palings or on a significant slope due to the land, you may need to consider using a slide guide block and not the guide and rollers which is standard in our kit.

Slide Gate Opener Comparison

Specifications DACE Sprint Opener DC500 Opener AC LW550 Opener
Max Gate Size 11mtrs 4mtrs 8mtrs
Max Gate Weight 500kgs 400kgs 800kgs
Motor Voltage 12VDC 12VDC 240volt
Motor Power 120watts 80watts 550watts
Operation Speed 25mtrs/min* 14mtrs/min* 12mtrs/min*
Battery Operated Yes Yes No
Auto Close 0-70sec 0-240sec 0-120sec
Pedestrian Mode Yes Yes No
Party Mode Yes No No
Manual Release Yes Yes Yes
Collision Sensing Close & Open cycle Close cycle Close cycle

* Please note that the operation speed is dependent on the gates weight and pull force

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