Accessory wiring for the E8 swing opener (EGA control board )

Electric Gate Lock

Setting up your Electric Gate Lock

Menu Settings

To enter the Menu settings, the gate/s must be in either the full Open or full Close position, the control board will not allow you to enter the Menu settings while the gate opener is operating.

Press and hold “FUN” button for 2 seconds or until the Digital Display shows P0. From here use “DEC” or “INC” buttons to go down or up the menu list, once you are on the menu setting you need, press “FUN” button once to enter the setting. Now use “DEC” or “INC” to decrease or increase the parameter number, once you have selected the parameter number you require, press the “FUN” button to confirm the new setting.

To exit the menu setting, press the “Learn” button once.
Now test your adjusted settings.

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