Ultima RT & HT Auto Gate Opener

The Ultima RT and HT series is the new generation of the old Sprint and Condo gate openers. The Ultima design is for residential or light commercial applications and suits gates up to 15mtrs long.

With state of the art technology and a strong, rugged construction it will stand up to the most extreme conditions.

The Ultima RT and HT features pedestrian mode, auto close and many other exciting features.

The Ultima RT and HT is available in 12v or 24v setup in Solar or DC battery operated which is perfect through those times of power outages. The solar kit is the perfect solution if you don't have 240v power around your gate way area but still want the luxury and security of having an automatic gate opener on your front gate. Now if its electric you're looking for, then there is no need for mains (240V) power at the gate site as the electric kit includes a transformer and can be placed up to 50mtrs away from the gate (dependant on cable size). This power supply plugs into your 240v outlet which you then run low voltage cable from and directly into the gate opener control box. Running low Voltage wire is safe and can be even stapled along the fence line or run through conduit 100mm under the ground. Unlike 600mm under ground for 240V supply to your front gate.


Ultima features
  • Large Graphics Display
  • On-Board Help Screens
  • 8 Inputs and 5 Outputs
  • Automatic 12v/24v Charging Selection
  • Navigate Menu Via Joystick
  • Multiple Security Functions
  • Quick Nav Screen for Easy Selection
  • Program up to 1024 Remotes
  • Time Manager Controls up to 840 Events
  • 15 Channel On-Board Code Hoping Receiver
  • Ultra Energy Efficient
  • Voice Prompts to Simplify Installation



Regular Traffic

High Traffic

Battery Voltage (electric) 12V (7Ah) 24V (3.8 Ah) 12V (7Ah) 24V (3.8Ah)
Battery Voltage (solar) 12V (14Ah) 24V (9Ah) 12V (14Ah) 24V (9Ah)
Maximum Running Speed 25m/min 50m/min 18m/min 36m/min
  Gate Specifications
Maximum Gate Mass 500kg 300kg 600kg 300kg
Maximum Pull Force 22kgf / 22N 18kgf / 180N 28kgf / 280N 18kgf / 180N
Maximum Running Force 15kgf / 150N 12kgf / 120N 18kgf / 180N 12kgf / 120N
Maximum Gate Size
(Runtime Limited)
15m 15m 15m 15m
  Motor Specifications
External Pinion Gear Steel
Internal Drive Gear Steel
Transformer Supply Voltage 220V / 240V AC
Maximum Supply Voltage 30V AC / 44V DC 30V AC / 44V DC 30V AC / 44V DC 30V AC / 44V DC
Minimum Supply Voltage 16V AC / 17V DC 22V AC / 30V DC 16V AC / 17V DC 22V AC / 30V DC
Motor RPM 4500rpm 4500rpm 3100rpm 3100rpm
Motor Power 120 Watts
Electric Voltage 12/24 volts (dual voltage)
Solar Power ready YES
Maximum Current Draw 1.5A
Standby Power Consumption 0.1W
Collision Sensing YES - digital setting for Open and Close force, adjustable from 0% - 100%
On Board Receiver 1024
Receiver 16 Channel
Adjustable Ramp up YES - adjustable per centimeter
Adjustable Ramp down YES - adjustable per centimeter
Speed Ajustment YES - 1mtr/min from 25mtrs/min down to 12mtrs/min YES - 1mtr/min from 50mtrs/min down to 12mtrs/min YES - 1mtr/min from 18mtrs/min down to 12mtrs/min YES - 1mtr/min from 36mtrs/min down to 12mtrs/min
Sleep Modes Light, Medium, Deep Sleep
Menu Navigation Icons with quick navigation and voice prompts
Auto Close times 0 - 10 minutes
Upgradable Software YES - Software upgradable by USB
On Board Charger 1.5A Intelligent multistage charging with auto 12V/24V charge selection
Self Diagnostics Screen YES
  Maximum number of openings for a 4m gate per day
  Mains On Mains Fail Mains On Mains Fail Mains On Mains Fail Mains On Mains Fail
Pull Force 15kgf 45 45 ** N/A N/A 45 45 ** N/A N/A
Pull Force 12kgf 65 65 ** 65 35 ** 65 65 ** 65 35 **
Pull Force 7kgf 95 95 ** 95 45 ** 95 95 ** 95 45 **
Pull Force 5kgf 130 130 ** 130 65 ** 150 150 ** 150 75 **
  ** Within 24hrs


Ulitma gate opener
Ulitma gate opener
ultima gate opener
Ulitma gate opener
Ulitma gate opener
Ulitma gate opener
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