Slide Accessories

Keypad $100 ea
12v ONLY
Key tags and swipe cards available $5ea
(Telecom cable not supplied)
wireless keypad
Wireless Keypad $165 ea
Touch sensitive buttons
6V DC supply (4x AA Batteries)
LED Indicators + Backlight
caution sign
Keyed Push Button $30 ea
Wires into control board / provides entry or exit to property and is lockable with a key
(Speaker cable not supplied)
push button
Push Button $20 ea
provides entry or exit to property
(Speaker cable not supplied)
wireless intercom
Wireless Intercom $120 ea
4xAA batteries (not included) speaker unit
Hand set plugs into 240 power point
keypad cover
Cover/Shroud ONLY $40 ea
Made of strong PVC in clear only
Used for keypads, exit buttons etc..
Extra Remotes $40 ea
AC LW550 & DC500
DACE Sprint or Condo
Long range
long range receiver and remotes
Long Range Receiver Kit $180
Need distance on your gate opener
maximum distance 400mtrs
Includes 1 x receiver & 3 x remotes
long range receiver
Long Range Receiver $80 ea
Need distance on your gate opener
maximum distance 400mtrs
Includes 1 x receiver, 2m cable
Transformers (cable not supplied)
Standard (50mtr) Transformer $50 ea
Large (100mtrs) Transformer $90 ea
Photocells safety beams
Wireless $95/pr (Batteries supplied)
Wired $40/pr (cable not supplied)
gate stop
Gate Stop $20 ea
Stop is placed in the open position
120mm high
guide and rollers
Guide & Rollers $20 ea
Suits frames up to 75mm
Roller size 60x40mm
other sizes 120mm ($10ea), 150mm ($13ea) & 200mm ($15ea)
slide guide & block
Slide Guide & Block $25 ea
Suited for gate on a fall/gradient or
have timber pickets
Attaches and slides along an aluminium channel
gate catcher
Gate Catcher $20 ea
Suits frames up to 50mm wide
Must go at closed end of gate
adjustable catcher
Adjustable Catcher $30 ea
Attaches to side post or pillar
Adjustable for gates with a frame larger than 50mm
Wheels $20 ea
Size: 16mm
Weight: 250kgs per wheel
Zinc Finish
aluminium track
Aluminium Track $15/m
Available and sold in 2mtr or 6mtr lengths
U - Shaped 16mm track
Bolts direct to concrete plinth

slider Kit $200

8mtrs 16mm aluminium track, 1 x gate catcher, 1 x gate stop, 1 x guide & rollers, 2 x 16mm wheels

slider kit

The slide kit will get your gate sliding, opening and closing manually!

Our aluminium track is strong and robust, suited for cars and trucks driving across and must be attached to concrete only.

  • Track is 16mm - available in 2mtr and 6mtr lengths
  • Wheels are 16mm x 100mm diameter, zinc finished and rated approximately for 250kgs per wheel
  • Guide and rollers are powder coated black finish, rollers are 40mm x 60mm deep
  • Gate catcher suits 50mm frames

This kit is suited to a 4mtr gate (8mtrs track) if your gate is longer than this please make sure to add the extra track required $15/mtr.

If your gate has timber pickets or palings or on a significant slope due to the land, you may need to consider using a slide guide block and not the guide and rollers which is standard in our kit.

Low voltage Cable $1/mtr
Used for transformer or
solar panel
speaker cable
Speaker cable $0.50/mtr
Used for push button and
keyed push button
telecom cable
Telecom cable $0.50/mtr
Used for Keypad, photocells and
long range receiver

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