Slide Gate Openers

DACE Sprint

dace gate opener

Electric Low Voltage or Solar
Max gates length each: 11mtrs
Max gate weight: 500kgs

DC500 Electric

gate opener

Low Voltage
Max gates length each: 4mtrs
Max gate weight: 400kgs

AC-LW550 Electric

gate opener

240 volt
Max gates length each: 8mtrs
Max gate weight: 800kgs

Slide Gate Opener Comparison

Specifications DACE Sprint Opener DC500 Opener AC LW550 Opener
Max Gate Size 11mtrs 4mtrs 8mtrs
Max Gate Weight 500kgs 400kgs 800kgs
Motor Voltage 12VDC 12VDC 240volt
Motor Power 120watts 80watts 550watts
Operation Speed 25mtrs/min* 14mtrs/min* 12mtrs/min*
Battery Operated Yes Yes No
Auto Close 0-70sec 0-240sec 0-120sec
Pedestrian Mode Yes Yes No
Party Mode Yes No No
Manual Release Yes Yes Yes
Collision Sensing Close & Open cycle Close cycle Close cycle

* Please note that the operation speed is dependent on the gates weight and pull force




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