EGA Control Board Videos

The videos below will help explain a few of the menu settings on your
EGA control board.  Please refer to your user menu for more detailed settings.

How to use the main settings screen

This video will explain how to use the main menu settings with the 4 control board buttons.

How to tune remotes to the control board

This video will show you how to tune your remotes
to the onboard receiver.

IMPORTANT - Teaching the Travel Function

This video will explain how to teach the travel function for the EGA control board to learn its open and closed limits.

Setting the board for Double or Single Gate - P0

This video will explain how to set your board for a double gate setup or single gate setup using your menu setting PO.

How to set the obstruction sensitivty - P1, P2, P3 & P4

This video will show you how to set the obstruction sensitivity of your gate in the closing and opening cycle.

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