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Automatic Swing Gate Openers

Electric Gate & Solar Gate

E8 500
Automatic Gate Openers

Regular Duty Residential Opener
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Automatic Gate Openers

Heavy Duty Residential Opener
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Our low voltage automatic gate openers are supplied with easy to follow and understandable instructions for the everyday handy person.

All our swing auto gate openers are manufactured from high quality materials to provide you with a long lasting and reliable product.


Our auto gate opener range offers the most affordable prices in Australia to ensure you can achieve the security and reliability at a low cost.

Feeling secure is one of the most important aspects to feeling happy in your home and keeping those unwanted visitors out.

Automatic Gate Openers - Comparison

Specifications gate openerE8 Swing Gate Opener gate openerTMT Swing Gate Opener
Stroke 500mm 540mm
Gate Weight 1.5mtrs/250kgs 3mtrs/450kg
Gate Length 4mtrs maximum* 5mtrs maximum*
Gate Style Standard farm gate
Max. 15% surface area enclosed
Standard farm gate
Enclosed gates up to 3mtrs
Gear Type Worm Drive Worm Drive
Piston Speed 30mm/sec (AC Power only) 19.8mm/sec
Power Supply 240VAC/16VAC 3.75A Transformer 240VAC/24VAC 6A Transformer
Motor power Supply Solar 12VDC - Electric 16VDC Solar & Electric 24VDC
Motor Power 80W 144W
Manual Release Allen key Key
Solar Panel 12v 45watt
17.2V rated voltage
2.62A rated current
24v 40watt
36V rated Voltage
1.11A rated current
Transformer Rated Voltage 16VAC 24VAC
Transformer Rated Current 3.75A 6A
Ingress Protection Rating IP34 IP44
Remote Quantity 120 80
Auto Close Yes, up to 99 seconds    Yes, up to 300 seconds
Obstruction Feature Yes Yes
Adjustable obstruction timing 0.1 sec - 1.0 sec
Limit Feature No Yes, Adjustable Limits
Over Current Limit Feature Yes Yes

* Provisions gate is level and plumb - hinges are ball bearing or nylon bush - all hardware in good working conditions

There are several reasons why someone may choose to install an automatic gate opener:

Security: An auto gate opener can improve the security of a property by controlling access and preventing unauthorized entry.

Convenience: Automatic gate openers can be opened and closed remotely, which eliminates the need to get out of a vehicle to manually open the gate.

Safety: Automatic gate openers can help prevent accidents by automatically closing after a vehicle or person has passed through.

Aesthetics: An auto gate opener can add a sense of luxury and exclusivity to a property, and can also enhance the overall aesthetic of the property.

Property value: Automatic electric gates can increase the value of a property by providing added security and convenience.

Cost savings: Electric gate openers can save time and energy by eliminating the need to manually open and close the gate.

Access control: Automatic gate openers can be integrated with access control systems, such as GSM units and keypads, to provide an added layer of security and control who has access to the property.

At BMGi we supply automatic gate openers to the public throughout Australia. Our range of gates and gate automation can be used on both residential and farm properties.

Please take your time to explore through our range of products, taking note of the extra information and detail with them. Our gate automation can be ordered through our online shop, by telephone or e-mail us, to gain further information on the products.

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