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We supply to our local professional installers
and the handy DIY customer
After a local installer in your area:
Prefer to have an experienced installer handle the complete job from measuring up to selecting the correct motor with full installation? Call one of our professional installers below:
  • A Grade Gate Solutions
    Brisbane North
    M: 0401 238 119
  • LTG Metalcraft
    Brisbane North
    M: 0423 685 368
  • Proformance Gates
    Brisbane North
    M: 0411 087 539
  • My To Do Handyman
    Brisbane South
    M: 0414 319 659
Do-It-Yourself Installation
We have found a lot of handy customers like to organise and sort out installation themselves. We are happy to quote for a DIY setup with the following taken into consideration:
  • We do not come out to site to measure up.
  • You must supply us with the measurements, as we require.
  • We are unable to quote gates larger than 6mtrs.
  • We can only offer delivery local to the northside of Brisbane.
  • Please ensure you understand the depth of your installation.
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Sliding Gate Designs

Swing Gate Designs

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Driveway Gate Gallery

What driveway gates are better suited.......a sliding gate or swinging gate?
Driveway Gates Brisbane

Why choose sliding driveway gates over swing drvieway gates

  • The driveway slopes up from the road and the gate is on the front boundary, therefore gates can't push outwards to open.
  • The driveway between the house and gate is limited and you wish to park a car close to the gate and still be able to open it.
  • You want a fully clad gate for privacy but your area is prone to strong winds.
  • The driveway opening is wider than 5 metres.

Why choose swinging driveway gates over sliding driveway gates

  • The driveway slopes down from the road and is long so a swing gate would be more cost-effective to install.
  • The driveway has no side room for a sliding gate to open.
  • The driveway is very uneven or has a large drain.
  • If you could have both a swing or a sliding gate, generally a swing gate is an easier option to install and you don't have to worry about keeping the track clear. You will however need to make sure your posts are concreted in well.

Driveway Gates Brisbane - Slide Gate Information

Driveway Gates Brisbane

Sliding Gate Guides for driveway gates

Gate guides are required to keep the gate upright and guide the gate as it's moving, here are 2 options available.

Slide & guide block

Below images are examples of the slide and guide block setup.
This setup is required when you have a fall across your driveway and guide/rollers are not ideal.
Also if you have a gate with timber pailings attached to the frame face or a top rail design that does not allow the guide and roller setup.
Usually this setup will require a post on the inside of the gate (near the motor) where your guide will be mounted to.
If you require your gate to sit flush/inline with the existing fence line then this option will be best.

Slide guide and block for driveway sliding gate
example of slide guide on a driveway sliding gate
slide guide and nylon block

Guide bracket with rollers

Below images are examples of the guide bracket and rollers - this is your most ideal setup for your driveway gate.
Your guide bracket will usually be installed on your gate/fence post already installed.
If you have a fall over the driveway, this setup may still be possible, check if you can install longer rollers to suit.
Keep in mind your bracket will need to sit approx. 40 - 50mm above your gate, so make sure your post is a little higher than your gate finished height, otherwise you bracket will be sitting above your post. If you're not fussy about the bracket above your post height then this will be fine.
If you need your driveway gate to sit inline with your fence then look at using the slide guide and block setup.
example of guide and rollers on a sliding driveway gate
guide and rollers setup for a sliding gate
guide and rollers for driveway gate

Colour Bond Driveway Gates

Below images are an example of a solid colour bond driveway gate.
You may have an existing colour bond fence and want to finish it off with a matching driveway gate.
Why not have a frame made up and insert your colour bond panels inside the frame.

installing colour bond sheets into a driveway gate
sliding driveway gate using colour bond sheets

Driveway not level

Below are some images showing how gates can be fabricated if your driveway is not level,
or if you have a sloping block and the gate needs to run with the land fall and fence line.

Double rake
driveway gate on a fall, sliding gate, driveway gate, front gate, driveway gates brisbane
Bottom rake only
swing gate on a gradient fall across the driveway, sliding gate, driveway gate, front gate, driveway gates brisbane
Double rake
driveway gate on a rake, sliding gate, driveway gate, front gate, driveway gates brisbane
Bottom rake only
driveway gate on a fall across the driveway made to suit, sliding gate, driveway gate, front gate, driveway gates brisbane

Gate Bridge - sliding gates

Below images are an example of gate bridges.
If you have a steep slope adjacent to your driveway and a concrete plinth is not feasible or desirable for your gate, then these bridges can be an excellent solution. The bridge is constructed by installing three or more legs at equal intervals along its length. These legs are then securely anchored into the ground using concrete. The length of the bridge will depend on the size of the gate and the width of the area that needs to be spanned.
sliding gate bridge, sliding gate, driveway gate, front gate, driveway gates brisbane
sliding gate bridge to suit steep driveway fall, sliding gate, driveway gate, front gate, driveway gates brisbane
aluminium sliding gate bridge, sliding gate, driveway gate, front gate, driveway gates brisbane
sliding gate bridge to suit steep driveway fall, sliding gate, driveway gate, front gate, driveway gates brisbane

Swing Gate Information

Gate Posts

When considering automation on swing gates the ideal post size is around 100mm or 150mm square.
Post brackets generally supplied with gate automation are around 100mm x 100mm flat mounted.
When installing posts into the ground, rule of thumb is to go in half the height of your actual gate, eg 1800mm high gate, post depth 600mm.
We do not recommend mounting a post direct to concrete as the force of the gate automation placed on the post may pull it out of the ground.
swing driveway gates
driveway swinging gates
aluminium driveway gates
auto driveway gates
Brick piers can be a tricky situation depending on where the gates are mounted and what type of automation you want.
At BMGi we only supply the Linear style automation. Depending on your setup, you may be required to look at an articulated arm.
When installing gates, it is best to install them to the inside face of your post or pier as shown above (not to the front or back) which will allow more of an angle which is required for an actuator arm.
Very Important fact: If installing gates onto a pier and they will be pulling into the property to open, make sure to mount them no further than 150mm in from the rear face of the pier. For example, if your pier is 400mm x 400mm and you mount it in the middle at 200mm, then you run a high chance of your automation not working and you would then require an articulated system.
Gate on piers
pier gates

Installing double gates

When installing double swing gates make sure you allow for cable across the driveway for the second actuator arm. If this is not possible and you can't make a cut in the driveway or make use of an expansion joint then you can use steel or aluminium sliding gate track as shown in the photos below.
Driveway gates brisbane
Driveway gate
Frequently Asked Questions
What are driveway gates?
Driveway gates are physical barriers installed at the entrance of a property to control access and enhance security. They can be designed in various styles, such as sliding or swinging, and can be operated manually or automatically.
What is the purpose of installing front gates?
Front gates serve multiple purposes, including security, privacy, and aesthetic enhancement. They provide a physical barrier to unauthorized entry, restrict access to a property, and add a touch of elegance to the overall exterior appearance.
What are automatic driveway gates?
Automatic driveway gates are gates that open and close automatically without the need for manual operation. They are equipped with motors, sensors, and control systems that allow for convenient access control, often through the use of remote controls, keypads, or other access devices.
What are the advantages of electric gates for driveways?
Electric gates for driveways offer several advantages, including enhanced security, convenience, and improved property value. They provide a strong deterrent against intruders, eliminate the need for manual operation, and can be integrated with various access control systems for added convenience and flexibility.
What is a sliding driveway gate?
A sliding driveway gate is a type of gate that operates by sliding horizontally along a track when opening or closing. These gates are commonly used in situations where space is limited or uneven ground conditions make it impractical to use swinging gates.
What is a swing driveway gate?
A swing driveway gate is a type of gate that opens and closes by swinging inwards or outwards, similar to a door. These gates are often used when there is sufficient space available and provide a more traditional and elegant look to the property entrance.
Can driveway gates be customized to match the property's aesthetics?
Yes, driveway gates can be customized to match the aesthetics of the property. They can be crafted from various materials, such as wrought iron, wood, aluminum, or steel, and can be designed with decorative elements, patterns, or personalized motifs to complement the overall style of the property.
Are driveway gates weather-resistant?
Yes, driveway gates are typically designed to withstand various weather conditions. The materials used, such as aluminum or galvanized steel, are often treated or coated to resist corrosion and are durable enough to endure outdoor exposure. However, regular maintenance and upkeep may be required to ensure their longevity.
Are driveway gates difficult to install?
The complexity of installing driveway gates can vary depending on the specific type and features of the gate, as well as the existing infrastructure. While some simpler gates can be installed by confident DIY enthusiasts, it is often recommended to hire professional gate installers to ensure proper installation, alignment, and integration with access control systems.
Can driveway gates be retrofitted to an existing property?
In many cases, driveway gates can be retrofitted to an existing property. However, this depends on factors such as available space, the condition of the driveway, and any necessary modifications that may need to be made. Consulting with a professional gate installer is recommended to determine the feasibility of retrofitting a driveway gate to an existing property.