Wireless Keypad - KP Receiver

We do recommend that you change the factory program code (0000) to a secure code which you must make note of. Failing to make note of your new program code will prevent you from being able to add or delete pin codes in the future. You would then be require to perform the 'Keypad reset'.

Pairing the receiver to the wireless keypad

You must have a 4digit pin number setup in your keypad before pairing

  • Press P1 on the receiver board (red LED will go solid)
  • Enter your pin code = ? ? ? ? # (red LED will flash to say keypad and receiver are paired)

Changing the 4 digit ‘program code’ (0000)

  • 1. Enter program code = 0 0 0 0 *
  • 2. Press 6 9 #
  • 3. Enter new 4 digit program mode code #

Deleting KP recevier memory

  • Press P2 on the receiver board for 8 seconds (red LED will go solid, keypad and receiver now unpaired)

Setting up a 4 digit pin code in your keypad

  • 1. Enter program code (factory 0000) then press *
  • 2. Press 0 1 #
  • 3. Enter your pin code = ? ? ? ? # (pin code now entered)

Delete a single pin code from the keypad

  • 1. Enter program code (factory 0000) then press *
  • 2. Press 5 8 #
  • 3. Enter 4 digit pin number that you want to delete (keypad will give 1 long beep followed by a short beep to indicate the pin code deleted)

Turn off/on keypad backlight

  • 1. Enter program code (factory 0000) then press *
  • 2. Press 3 9 #

Battery test

  • 1. Enter program code (factory 0000) then press *
  • 2. Press 8 9 # (battery is OK with a long beep or if battery is low there will be a short beep and the red LED indicator will show)

Keypad resetting

  • Remove keypad from weather shield
  • 2. Awake keypad (press any button)
  • 3. Press the reset button located on top of the keypad for 5 seconds until all LED lights come on
  • 4. Now release the reset button, resetting now complete (keypad codes will be cleared)
  • 5. Place back into the weather shield

Security lock

Keypad will allow three attempts of a wrong pin code entry. After the third wrong entry the keypad will be locked for 2 minutes with 3 beeps and the red LED light will come on. 2 minutes later, the keypad would have one beep sound and the red LED indicator will go off to indicate the keypad is unlock.

How to tune the wireless keypad to the KP Receiver

How to tune change your programming code

How to add a pin number

Wiring Diagrams

DACE Ultima
Control Board

E8 - EGA Swing
Control Board

E8 - D1 Swing
Control Board

DACE Sprint/Condo
Control Board

AC LW550
Control Board

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