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GSM Gate Opener 3G/4G

Important steps before setting up:

  1. Insert Sim Card that has talk, text and data – Telstra or Optus (don’t use Aldi or any other second tier companies, must be Telstra or Optus) the sim card must have data to allow the app to talk to the GSM unit.
  2. Connect antenna, now power up the GSM unit.
  3. Observe the RED GSM LED starts flashing quickly for about 60 seconds before flashing slowly for maybe 30 seconds and then the LED should go solid.
  4. Now the GSM is on and connected to the 4G network via the data on the sim card.
  5. Now proceed with adding the device to your app, follow instructions below.

What if I can't download the App?

If you are unable to download the "Xhouse IOT" App please refer to your user manual supplied with your GSM Device and follow the instructions on 'Without App Operation'.

For security reasons, we are unable to supply instructions via the website for this procedure

Setting up your GSM Module with the XHOUSE IOT APP


Search "Xhouse IOT" on Google Play, search "XHOUSE-IOT" on the App Store for dowloanding the App


Select Oceania for your area and confirm.


Register and login via the App


Enter your details as required - please note it can take up to 60s to retrive your verification code and make sure to check your junk mail if you haven't received your code in this time.


Adding a device
Select "No devices, Add device"

Select "Gate & Curtain automation"
Select "4G Remote Switch"


Select "Scan to add" or "ID ADDED"
Both options located on the back of the GSM Unit

If scanning the QR code
You will locate this on the back of the GSM Unit

GSM now added
Select preferred image
GSM Device now online
Select device to adjust settings

Device Settings

Select the cog in the top right corner to view settings
To enter your SIM card number select 'Device Phone Number'
Now add your SIM card phone number and save

Adding Users - you can do either by adding a mobile number or scanning a QR code

Adding a user by their mobile number

Select 'Authorized Numbers'
Select the + symbol in the top right corner
Here you will enter in all the users to have access
Enter in Name and Person's contact number and press 'Confirm'.
You have now added your first user to the device.
Continue to add more users as required.

Adding a user by scanning the QR Code - the user must be signed up to the App

Select 'Sharing Device'
A QR Code will display for the user to scan
Once they have scanned the QR Code they are automatically add to the 'User List' and will have restricted functions.

Deleting Users

Delete using 'Authorized Numbers' - use this option if you have physically entered in the users mobile number.

Select 'Authorized Numbers' in your Device Settings
Delete a user by swiping their number to the left and select 'Delete'.
Select 'Confirm' to delete that user

Delete user from 'User List' - if you have shared the device using the QR Code

Select 'User List' in your Device Settings to view the
user you would like to delete.
Find the user you wish to delete and swipe them
to the left and select 'Delete'.

Wiring Diagrams

E8 - EGA Swing
Control Board

TMT - Swing
Control Board

DACE Ultima
Control Board

See below for Door Sensor info

Control Board

E8 - D1 Swing
Control Board

DACE Sprint/Condo
Control Board

AC LW550
Control Board

View the Door Sensor information below that matches your gate automation

Dace Ultima

1. Go to the main screen and select 'Features'
2. Select 'Lock Settings'
3. Select 'Magnetic Lock'
4. Select Yes - go back to previous screen
5. Select 'Off When Open'
6. Select Yes - now back out of settings