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Long Range Receiver (Previous Model)

This receiver will have a Green Antenna


  1. Press and hold remote button that is to trigger the opener. It is important that this button is continuously held from step 1 through to step 3.
  2. Place the jumper over the two LEARN pins on the PC Board for 2 seconds.
  3. Remove the jumper from the two pins.
  4. Release the button on the remote.
    That particular button on the remote is now programmed to the receiver.


  1. Place the jumper across the two ERASE pins
  2. The LED will flash 4 times to warn you that the remotes will be erased after which the LED will stay solid red
  3. When the LED remains on solid, all the remotes have been erased
    Remove the jumper
Tuning a remote to the long range receiver Green Antenna
Tuning a push button to the long range receiver Green Antenna

Wiring Diagrams

DACE Ultima
Control Board

E8 - EGA Swing
Control Board

E8 - D1 Swing
Control Board

DACE Sprint/Condo
Control Board

AC LW550
Control Board