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My electric gate was going slow and has now stopped working

If you have an electric gate (not solar) and you found it started to go slow over a few days and has now stopped working, then your kit for some reason is not getting mains power.

A few things for you to check over:

  1. Check the fuse on main board - the bottom fuse is for mains, the top fuse is for battery. If you don't have a spare fuse to try, use the battery fuse.
  2. Check your powerpoint that the transformer is plugged into. Make sure no one has switched it off. Try another appliance in the socket.
  3. If you have a multimeter, check to see if your transformer is putting out 16volts (make sure to set your multimeter to AC when taking this reading). Check this reading at the control board. If you are not getting the 16volts and you know you have extra cable attached to the transformer, then go back to the transformer itself and take a reading at the 2mtr end piece of the transformer cable.

Once you have corrected the issue, make sure to charge your backup battery with a battery charger as the main control board will not charge a flat battery back to full.