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My solar gate doesn't work first up in the morning

Do you find first thing in the morning that your gate doesn't work but starts working as the day goes on?

If this is you, then try replacing the main battery inside the unit. When a battery is dying or on its way out, you will find that it can't hold its charge over night and will fail first thing in the morning. Then as the sun hits the solar panel during the day it starts to charge up again and will work later in the day for you. When the sun moves off the solar panel, the battery will start to deplete and not hold its charge over night (as a battery should). The next morning you will find that your gate will not work again.

Either try a new battery or use another one you may have on hand.

We don't recommend using anything less than a 12v 9ah battery on a solar system and if you are located in the southern states then we highly recommend a 12v 12ah battery.