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Frequently asked questions on the E8 Automatic Gate Openers

What gate size will the gate opener do?

Maximum gate length of 4.0mtrs

Where is the best position to mount the actuator arm/s?

Single gate can be mounted either top, middle or bottom of gate frame.

Double gates are best mounted to the bottom of your gate frame providing the area is not prone to flooding. Mounting the arms to this section will prevent any bending or twisting of the gates when they are pushing up against the ground stop.

Will I need to run cable across the driveway for a double gate setup?

Yes - you will be supplied with approximately 7mtrs of cable in the kit to run across the driveway for the second actuator arm

Can I install this gate opener onto a colour bond or slated gate/s?
It's not recommended using our gate opener on any gate where the gate surface area becomes enclosed causing a wind force issue.
Can I install this gate opener onto a farm gate?
YES - we have optional round gate brackets that you can add if required
Does it matter what size post my gate is swinging from?

YES - if your gate is swinging from a square post then the standard brackets will be suitable for the installation.  If swinging from a round post then you do have optional round post brackets that you can purchase.  If swinging from a pillar then your gate cannot be hinged any further than 150mm in from the back face of the pillar.

Can I have the gate stay open if I have auto close set?

Yes, button C on your remote control is your auto close override or party mode button. When you are within 1mtr of your control box, press button A to open your gate and when the gate is fully open, press button C to override your auto close. Now the gate will remain open until you press button A to re activate auto close and your gate closes.

Can I have the gate open further than 90 degrees?

Yes, depending on the size post that the gate swings off and the pivot point you set the actuator arm up with. We wouldn't recommend trying to get any further than 110 degrees

Is there an obstruction safety feature?
Yes, if the gate hits an obstruction in the driveway area when closing, the gate will recognise the change in force on the gate, stop and re open.
What warranty does the product have?
12 months warranty back to base
What is the expectant battery life for my solar unit?
Generally up to 3 years - Battery life comes down to a few factors such as, amount of usage, weather (heat) and how often it has a full top up charge
How long will the battery last if there is bad weather?
With normal usage on the gate you will get approximately 2 weeks out of the 14ah battery on a solar unit.
How long does it take for the solar panel to fully charge the battery?

Our 45watt panel requires 6 hours of full sun to have the 12v 14ah battery fully charged

Can the system push my gate to open outwards?

Yes - Our gate opener will either push or pull open a gate with the actuator mounted on the inside of the property. If your gate is pushing out to the road to open, you will require the push to open bracket.

What gate opener type is it?
The actuator is a screw drive
What maintenance should I do on my gate opener?
There is no maintenance required on the actuator arm.
We do recommend keeping an eye out for insect or bug infestation in the main control box as well as any accessories.
Keep an eye out that your gate does not drop or become un level over time.
My gate is swinging off a large pillar, will this affect the gate opener install?
Yes it may. There are a few things that come into play if mounting our gate opener onto a brick pillar. Firstly if the gate is pulling in towards the property and you wish to install the gate opener on the inside, then you will require a minimum distance from the back of the pillar to the hinge point of 150mm. Anything further than this distance and the actuator will not reach around the pillar to fully close your gate (if this is the case you may require a scissor arm system). Secondly, the gate opener will apply a lot of pressure at the post bracket when closing and opening and may want to pull the post bracket out or damage your pillar overtime.
My gate is on rising hinges, will this system work?
No, the E8 is not suitable for gates with rising hinges.
My gate has a solid infill and isn't wind friendly, will this system work?
The E8 is not suited to gates that are mostly or fully enclosed. The recommended gate for an E8 should be a wind friendly design.
What distance will the remotes work from?
With our standard remotes you can get anywhere from 30mtrs to 50mtrs taking into account line of sight to the gate and area interference. For a longer distance our long range option could get you up to 400mtrs.
How do visitors use the gate?

There are a variety of accessories available for you to setup at your front gate that your visitors can use such as push buttons and  keypads.

How far can I mount the solar panel from the gate opener?
You can place the solar panel up to 30mtrs from the control box using a 2 core 1.5mm cable, no smaller
Will the gate opener lock the gate when it's closed?
No, you would need to add the electric gate lock if you require the gate to latch and lock. Without the electric gate lock on the gate, the gate opener will apply pressure to the gate and gate stop in the closed position giving a firm hold, however it will not lock the gate into position.
What parts are weatherproof?
Main control box, push buttons, actuator arms, keypads, transformer
Can insects get into your products?
Yes they can, we highly recommend using silicone to seal any screw holes, conduit holes and any other areas where you may think insects will enter. You can also use ant dust inside the control box to help.
Can I place a push button at the house?

Yes, you would have to wire the push button back to the main control box.

If I have double gates, will they open and close at the same time?

Yes, unless you adjust the setting on the control board.

What happens if I have questions when installing?
If you have questions throughout the installation, you can call the office Monday - Friday to speak with our trained staff.