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Installing the TMT 400LLS system for a push to open setup
Actuator arm setup on the inside of the property pushing the gate outwards to open
TMT push to open bracket will be required
TMT push to open bracket with post bracket
TMT push to open bracket installed
How to work out the pivot point for the arm
The setup below will be your most popular for a push to open gate. Mounting your primary post bracket to the arear of your post and using the push to open bracket also known as the secondary bracket.
The image below shows the minimum distances required to achieve the correct setup.
The correct pivot point allows you to have the required angle needed .
** It is extremely important to have the correct pivot point and angles required to allow the system to work correctly and effortlessly
Below are images of an incorrect setup with no angle and the actuator running parallel with the gate

Below are images of correct setups with the required angle