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Ultima Videos

These videos will help with navigating your main screen and settings, along with a few other tips and tricks.

Commissioning Your Motor - IMPORTANT!

How to commission your motor and do the wizard setup.

Tuning your Remote

How to tune in your DACE remote for open/close and pedestrian.

Tuning your wireless keypad

How to tune your wireless keypad (Electric only).

Pedestrian Gap

How to adjust the opening gap for pedestrian mode.

Setting Auto Close

How to set auto close.

Checking your Voltage and Charge

How to check your voltage and charging of the system.

Adjust Force Settings

How to adjust force settings.

Adjust Close Gap

How to adjust the close gap if it's too large or small when the gate is closed.

Ramp up and down settings

How to adjust the ramp up and ramp down.

Opening and closing speeds

How to adjust the opening and closing speeds.

Deleting individual remotes

How to delete individual remotes.

Deleting all remotes

How to delete all remotes.

Pedestrian auto close

How to set Pedestrian Auto Close.

Tuning party mode

How to tune in party mode.

Reset safety beams

How to reset the safety beams.

Diagnostic check

How to run a diagnostics check if experiencing issues.

How to access your motor

How to access your DACE motor by removing the lid and how to secure it back in place.