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Frequently asked questions for the Ultima gate opener

What is the difference between the RT and HT?


  HT18/36 RT25/50
Speed 18mtr/m - 36mtr/m 25mtr/m - 50mtr/m
Motor RPM 3100rpm* 4500rpm*
Internal Gear Steel Steel
Start Up Pull Force 28kg/18kg 22kg/18kg
Running Pull Force 18kg/12kg 15kg/12kg
Weight 600kg/300kgs 500kg/300kgs
Application High Traffic Regular Traffic
  Level ground or gradient Level ground only

*Depends on weight of gate

What gate size will the gate opener do?

A maximum gate length of 15mtrs

Do I need to have a stop for the gate in the open and closed position?

Yes, this will be a fail safe in case the gate opener does not shut off for some reason when the gate is opening or closing.

Can I set the gate opener to auto close after I drive through?

Yes, you have an auto close time up to 30 minutes

What warranty does the product have?

2 year warranty back to base on motor, gear box and control board

What is the expectant battery life?

Generally up to 3 years - Battery life comes down to a few factors such as, amount of usage, weather (heat) and for solar, how often it has a full top up charge

How long will the battery last with solar if there is bad weather?

With normal usage on the gate you could look at 4 days with no sun on the panel (also taking into account other accessories powered by the battery). On standby you will get up to 11 days with medium sleep mode activated or 15 days if deep sleep mode is activated.

How long does it take for the solar panel to fully charge the battery?

The standard 45 watt panel requires 6 hours of full sun to have the 12v 14ah battery fully charged

How many remotes can I have tuned to the gate opener?

1024 remotes to the standard on board receiver

What maintenance should I do on my gate opener?
The manufacturer recommends checking the oil level periodically by removing the oil level screw and refilling the gearbox with S.A.E.75W/90.
We do recommend keeping an eye out for insect or bug infestation on the main control board as well as checking the nylon racking every so often to make sure there are no worn teeth or that the racking has dropped over time.
What distance will the remotes work from?
With our standard remotes you can get anywhere from 30mtrs to 50mtrs taking into account line of sight to the gate and area interference. For a longer distance our long range option could get you up to 400mtrs.
How do visitors use the gate?

You have the option of visitor push buttons, keypads or GSM units for visitor entry.

Can I place the push button at the house?
Yes, you would have to wire the push button back to the main control box.
How far can I mount the solar panel from the gate opener?
You can place the solar panel up to 30mtrs from the control box using a 2 core 2.5mm cable, no smaller
Can I change my gate opener from solar to electric at a later date?
Yes, to change from solar to electric you would require our low voltage transformer.
What happens if I have questions when installing?
If you have questions throughout the installation, you can call the office Monday - Friday to speak with our trained staff