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What are common automatic gate problems?

Automatic gates are an extra level of security for a home or business. You not only get the security and peace of mind a gate offers; you also have the convenience of automatically opening and closing. You can additionally control the flow of visitors to your property, and authorize only those who you expect. There are common automatic gate problems though. Keep an eye out for the following:

Operation Difficulties

Test your automatic gate manually to detect any operation difficulties - Movement must feel fluid.

  • Sliding gate - track level
  • Sliding gate - racking has the 2-3mm gap between the cog of the motor
  • Sliding gate - wheels aren't grabbing
  • Swing gate - hinges aren't grabbing
  • Swing gate - plumb with the post
  • Swing gate - not dragging
  • Swing gate - level

Pest Invasion

The out-of-the-way nature of many gates make them an ideal home for pests such as ants, geckos and other insects.
You can check different elements of the gate system that may offer shelter for these creatures such as, main control box, receivers, visitor push buttons and keypads.

Safety Beam Sensors

If your gate has suddenly stopped functioning, check your eyebeam sensors or safety beams. If a tree limb, bush, or other obstruction has blocked the sensor, you will need to clear it away. Obstructions can also bother the movement of a gate, especially those that slide on tracks.

Dead Batteries

Don’t forget that your solar gate opener and DC electric gate opener requires battery power to operate. If your gate seems to not work, check your battery before you call for help.