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Wireless Key Push Button & LR 7CH Receiver

This receiver will have a Purple Antenna

Programming a button

  1. With the power connected to the receiver, place the black jumper link over the RELAY pins (if this is not already set).
  2. Press and hold the button to be programmed to the receiver. Wait for the green light on the receiver to flash quickly.
  3. While pressing the button, place the 2nd black jumper link over the REMOTE pins for 2 seconds (only) and then remove the black jumper link. Now test that the remote works.
  4. When finished, make sure to place the 2nd black jumper back on 1 pin only.

Erasing all buttons

Note: deleting an accessory from this receiver will delete all accessories tuned in. You will be required to tune any other items back in that you still require.

  1. With the power connected to the receiver, place a link over the ERASE pins.
  2. The LED will flash ten times and then remain on solid.
  3. Remove the link.

The buttons have now been erased from the receiver.

Unit Attaching Points

We recommend attaching the push button via the attaching points as indicated with a red arrow shown in the image.

When you attach the push button unit to your post, even though the button housing is a sealed unit, we highly recommend sealing (silcone) all the way around the back housing to prevent any water or insects entering in through your screws.

We recommend every 6-12 months to do a thorough check over the push button and it’s internals to make sure there is no insect infestation and that everything is still in good working order.

Please be aware that failure to perform the recommendations above will void your warranty.


      1. For optimum range it is advisable to place the receiver a minimum of 2 metres vertically away from the gate motor e.g. top of gate posts.
      2. When placing the receiver outside of the control box or motor housing it is important to use a weatherproof box with all entry points sealed. The standard receiver housing is only splash proof and not suitable for outdoor applications. **
      3. Make sure there are no exposed wires outside the receiver.
      4. Placing the receiver inside the motor housing will reduce the range of the receiver when the motor is in operation.
      5. Range may be affected by signals transmitted from another source.

    * All dependent on line of sight to the gate and interference which may reduce expected range. DO NOT ALTER THE ANTENNA IN ANY WAY (TUNED LENGTH ANTENNA)

    ** Warranty will void if the receiver housing has been placed outside and not in a recommended weatherproof box.

Tuning a push button to the long range receiver - Purple Antenna

Wiring Diagrams

E8 - EGA Swing
Control Board

TMT - Swing
Control Board

Control Board

DACE Ultima
Control Board

E8 - D1 Swing
Control Board

DACE Sprint/Condo
Control Board

AC LW550
Control Board