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Solar Powered Farm Gate Opener

TMT 400LLS Gate Automation, solar gate, solar farm gate, solar gate opener

Single Solar Powered Gate

Solar $1395 now $1255.50
** Suits gates up to 5mtr 

TMT 400LLS Gate Automation, solar powered gates, gates powered solar, gates solar

Double Solar Powered Gate

Solar $1765
** Suits gates up to 4.5mtrs EA

** Maximum weight 450kg. Other factors such as cladding and wind resistance may increase the loaded gate weight on the motor past the manufacturers load specifications, please consult our sales team if you have any doubt before purchasing.

 Solar Powered Farm Gates
Available in Single and Double kits 

Solar Powered Gate Inclusions

  • Actuator arm/s

  • Control box

  • Control board

  • 2 x remotes (with 2 free visor/holders)

  • Post/gate brackets and gate stop

  • 2 x Release keys

  • Warning sign

  • 24Volt 40watt solar panel with mounting bracket & 10mtrs cable

  • 20A PWM Solar Regulator

  • 2 x 12v 14ah deep cycle batteries

  • 1 x Battery box with steel mounting bracket

  • Supporting wires

  • Single kit - 2mtrs prewired 7 core arm cable

  • Double kit - 1 @ 2mtrs and 1 @ 12mtrs prewired 7 core arm cable

e8 actuator arm


control box

Control Box

tmt control board

Control Board

TMT swing remotes


tmt swing brackets


e8 release keys

Release Key

caution gate opener sign

Caution Sign

solar powered battery

2 x 14ah batteries

e8 solar panel

Solar panel

e8 solar regulator

Solar Regulator

Battery box with bracket

Battery box with bracket

Kit Inclusions

Solar powered gate solutions for farm gates can improve efficiency,
increase security, and make farm management easier and more effective

Are you a farm owner looking to automate your gates? It can be a tough task, especially considering the width, lightweight, and flexible gate designs. But worry no more! BMGi has the perfect solution for you.

Introducing BMGi's innovative TMT 400LLS solar powered gate opener, designed to bring you convenience and security while enduring the harsh Australian conditions. Our team of experts has spent years crafting these kits with reliability and durability in mind.

One standout feature is the weatherproof case that protects the internal components from rain, dust, and other environmental factors. With this level of protection, you can trust that your gate opener will keep working flawlessly.

Our TMT kit is powered by 2 x 12V 14Ah deep cycle batteries, which is efficiently charged by a high-power 40W solar panel, these gate opener kits are both eco-friendly and cost-effective. You can rely on our Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) solar controller to ensure efficient charging and maximize battery life. Our testing shows that a fully charged battery can handle approximately 200 gate cycles over 21 days.

Our TMT 400LLS is designed to work seamlessly with farm gates up to 16ft or 5mtrs, every component of these kits is carefully crafted for optimal performance and durability. The best part is that they come in a DIY form, making it easy for you to automate almost any properly hung swing gate using our kits.

Thousands of farm owners across Australia have already installed our solar-powered gate opener kits and experienced their effectiveness and reliability firsthand. With BMGi, you can enjoy the convenience and security of automated gates without worrying about maintenance or running costs.

In conclusion, BMGi's solar powered gate opener is a game changer for farm owners who want to automate their gates. Designed to withstand tough Australian conditions, these kits offer reliable and secure gate automation. With easy DIY installation and a proven track record, BMGi's gate opener kits are a trusted solution for automated farm gates.

Farm Gate Automation
solar powered gates, farm gate opener, farm gate, farm gate solar, solar auto gate

Featuring a die cast aluminium motor cover that provides resistance to critical environmental factors.

Optional Extras

tmt round gate bracket

TMT Round Gate Bracket $65 ea

This bracket is perfect for your rural farm gates! No drilling through your gate frame and easy adjustment during the installation.

e8 round post bracket

Round Post Bracket $35 ea

Is your gate swinging from a round post?  You may be interested in the round post bracket option (standard flat bracket 100mm x 100mm). 

tmt push to open bracket

TMT Push to open bracket $35 ea

Suited for a push to open gate having the actuator arm on the inside of the property pushing the gate/s out to the road to open.

electric gate lock

Electric Gate Lock $165 ea

The electric gate lock attaches to your gate and adds extra security to your home and property, latching and locking your gate.

bmgi wireless keypad

Keypad - Wireless $180 ea

Provides security to your property with a 4 digit pin code for visitors - 12/24volt - Keypad requires 4xAA batteries (not included) compatible with the EGA control board.

visitor push button

Push Button (Wired) - $35 ea

Wires into the main control board and placed at the gate to allow visitors in and out of the property.  The key allows you to disable and lock the push button from being used.

Solar Powered Gates - TMT Setups

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