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Automatic Sliding Gates

Electric and Solar

DACE Ultima HT
Sliding Gate Opener

For high traffic residential applications
Ultima HT auto gate opener, sliding gates, electric sliding gate, auto sliding gate

DACE Ultima RT
Sliding Gate Opener

For regular traffic residential applications
Ultima RT auto gate opener, slide gate, solar slide gate, automatic sliding gate, driveway sliding gate

Sliding Gate Opener

For low traffic residential applications
DC400 auto gate opener, front sliding gate, automatic sliding gate
Upgrade Your Automatic Sliding Gate for Increased Security and Convenience

BMGi's automatic sliding gates are the perfect solution to turn your manual sliding gate into an automatic gate. With our gate openers, you can enjoy increased security and convenience while adding value to your property. You no longer need to leave your vehicle to manually open or close the gate, making it a hassle-free experience.

Factors to Consider

It is important to consider the weight of your sliding gate as all gate openers have a maximum weight capacity, which is typically based on a gate on level ground. If your gate is on a slope, it will usually be heavier due to the incline. In addition, you should also consider the gradient or fall over the driveway and the power options available, such as solar gate openers or electric gate openers.

Selection of Sliding Gates

At BMGi, we offer sliding gates that are suitable for most gate applications. We also have a variety of accessories available, including visitor push buttons and keypads, to make it easier to allow visitors onto your property.

Power Options Available

Our sliding gates come with two power options to choose from: solar motors and DC electric motors. The solar option includes a 45-watt solar panel and a 12V 14Ah battery, while the DC electric option is low voltage.

DIY Automatic Sliding Gates

Our low voltage electric sliding gate openers are supplied with easy to follow and understandable instructions for the everyday handy person.

All our sliding gate openers are manufactured from high quality materials to provide you with a long lasting and reliable product.


Our automatic sliding gate range offers the most affordable prices in Australia to ensure you can achieve the security and reliability at a low cost.

Feeling secure is one of the
most important aspects to feeling happy in your home and keeping those unwanted visitors out.
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