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DACE Ultima Australia
Automatic Gate Motor

DACE Ultima RT25/50

The DACE ULTIMA RT series is the ultimate sliding gate motor for residential use.

DACE Ultima RT25/50

The DACE Ultima RT series is the new generation of the Sprint gate motor. The Ultima RT is designed for residential applications and suits gates up to 15mtrs long.

With state of the art technology and a strong, rugged construction it will stand up to the most extreme conditions.

The DACE Ultima RT features pedestrian mode, auto close and many other exciting features.

This kit is available in 12v or 24v setup in Solar or DC battery operated which is perfect through those times of power outages.

The solar kit is the perfect solution if you don't have 240v power around your gate way area but still want the luxury and security of having an automatic gate opener on your front gate.

Now if its electric you're looking for, then there is no need for mains (240V) power at the gate site as the electric kit includes a transformer and can be placed up to 50mtrs away from the driveway gate (dependant on cable size). This power supply plugs into your 240v outlet which you then run low voltage cable from and directly into the gate opener control box.

Running low Voltage wire is safe and can be even stapled along the fence line or run through conduit 100mm under the ground. Unlike 600mm under ground for 240V supply to your front gate.

Ultima rt dace control board

Quick Nav Screen with Voice Prompts

DIY friendly and easy installation using voice prompts along with the LCD navigation screen that allows the installer a quick and easy way to program numerous functions simply by clicking through the inbuilt menu.

Ultima dace internal drive

Steel Internal Gear

To suit BMGi's standards, we have engineered the Ultima's internal gear with a steel internal design to go with our steel internal drive gear. This ensures the motor has a higher life expectancy and allows our units to be more shock tolerant when an unexpected obstruction is sensed.

Tritek code-hopping technology

Wireless Operation

The Tritek code-hopping technology offers the highest level remote control security, this onboard receiver allows for a multi-button remote to operate any combination of the system inputs such as Gate trigger, Pedestrian opening, Party mode, etc. It stores up to 1024 remote buttons, and amongst other access control features, it provides the ability to add and remove remote buttons saved into its memory.

High Speed

The Ultima RT25 is one of the fastest low voltage motors available at 25 metres per minute it will open a 4 metre gate in 10 seconds. The opening and closing speeds as well as the ramp up/ramp down are independently adjustable.
Even faster is the RT50, with a 4mtr gate opening in 5 seconds!

The Ultima is such a refined gate motor that it will allow you to control the speed of the gate. Have your gate open at max speed but close slower just in case a loved one is in the way.

Ultima dace obstruction

Obstruction Sensing

Programmed with an inbuilt obstruction sensor which detects an object within the driveway gate area.  Once detected the gate will reverse the motor and reopen the gate allowing the obstruction to be removed.

Ultima dace solar and electric automatic gate opener

Energy Efficient, Solar or Mains

Available in both solar and electric options. The solar kit is the perfect solution if you don't have access to mains power, however our electric kit is low voltage which means you can have power up to 50mtrs away.

With 4 different energy modes for the solar setup this will allow a longer standby time for the systems battery.

Check out more details of the solar efficieny on our DACE motors here


A fully featured kit, ready for
do-it-yourself installation

Solar Kit Inclusions

Model: RT/25 $930

  • Motor with Base Plate

  • 4mtrs Nylon Racking

  • 2 x Remotes

  • 12volt 14ah Battery

  • 2 x Release keys

  • PWM solar charger

  • 45watt Solar panel with mounting bracket & 10mtrs cable

Electric Kit Inclusions

Model: RT/25 $780

  • Motor with Base Plate

  • 4mtrs Nylon Racking

  • 2 x Remotes

  • Battery to suit model

  • 2 x Release keys

  • Outdoor Transformer

ultima rt25


gate racking


ultima warranty


ultima solar battery

12v 14ah battery

ultima remotes


ultima solar panel

Solar panel

ultima rt50


gate racking


ultima warranty

12v 7ah battery

electric ultima battery

12v 7ah battery

ultima remotes


ultima transformer


Kit Inclusions

Optional Extras

bmg keypad

Keypad - Digital $150 ea

This digital touch keypad provides security to your property with a 4 digit pin code for visitors - 12volt - wires direct to your gate opener control board.

bmg wireless keypad

Keypad - Wireless $165 ea

Provides security to your property with a 4 digit pin code for visitors - 12/24volt - Keypad required 4xAA batteries (not included), 1 x receiver.

visitor push button

Push Button - $20 ea

Wires into the main control board and placed at the gate to allow visitors in and out of the property.

Remote Holder

Remote Holder - $5ea

This remote holder is a great idea for storing your remote safely.

wireless safety beams

Safety Beams (Wireless) $115/pr

These beams add an extra safety feature if the gate is closing and there is an obstruction in the driveway area. Suppled with 2 x AA Batteries

wireless safety beams

Safety Beams (Wired) $40/pr

Beams add an extra safety feature if the gate is closing and there is an obstruction in the driveway area.

Optional Extras

Ultima RT25 vs RT50

Ultima RT25 vs Competitor

6.2mtr gate operating on the Ultima RT50

Ultima RT50 vs Competitor

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